Project Description

pesco image early motion process and workflow automation

Project Brief

Pesco Engineering approached early motion to help them create a better data gathering system for process improvement.  They were using a time consuming manual process that involved multiple distinct system without a built in workflow.  None of the data was submitted to a database and many of the steps and notifications were manual.

The Challenge

We needed to create a system that would be easy to roll-out, that would have multiple user-roles and permissions, wouldn’t be too disruptive to the current culture, and provided useful real-time information that could be used to understand strengths and weaknesses in the engineering and fabrication processes.  In addition, they wanted project management features and something scalable so they could add other workflows to the application.

The Solution

We were able to deliver on all the needs of the system.  We created a functional intranet that had role specific employee profiles linked to project management tools, vacation request forms, management of change forms and root-cause analysis forms.  In addition, the old workflow process was reconfigured and automated to take some of the burden off of management, allowing them to spend more time understanding what’s going on and less time cataloging data.  All the data is stored in MySQL and can be easily queried to create any dashboard that the leadership needs.  In addition, we created role specific dashboards so that everyone has a simple interface and sees only what they need to see.