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Research & Planning

About Early Motion

Based out of Durango, CO and serving the world, Early Motion powers organizations with state of the art digital technology to engage with their customers, improve operations and co-create services in a collaborative environment. Our mission is to design successful digital marketing campaigns, consult with clients about search engine optimization (also know as SEO), create beautiful user centered multi-platform applications and help businesses and scientific researchers automate parts or whole workflow processes. From corporate intranets and SEO to web design and development, we have the tools and knowledge to accelerate your organization.

Web Design & Development Durango Colorado
Mobile responsive website design durango co

Web Design

We use platforms that make it easy to collaborate and iterate to the best possible product and pride ourselves on first class service. In the 21st century, your digital presence and business processes aren’t subjects that you can visit every three years, they are something you nourish everyday, and Early Motion is the company to help you arrive.

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Application Development

Have a business idea? Need help expanding your companies presence on mobile? Need new business tools? Early Motion builds native mobile and cross platform web based applications specific to your vision and business needs. We help companies, laboratories and the agriculture industry create systems for automation, data processing, workflow management, and business process optimization.

Graphic Design and User Interface design durango co

Creative Content

Graphic Design. Experience Design. Interface Design. Animations. Video. Audio. Infographics. Data Visualization. Welcome to the golden age of digital design. No longer are we limited to 12 fonts and boxes on a page. We strive to design immersive experiences that tickle the senses and are intuitive.

data rich website design and development

Business Process Automation

Does your business have redundant multistep processes that are time consuming and resources intensive? Business Process Automation (BPA) is a way to streamline those tasks into fast, reliable and efficient workflows that free up your time, improves margins, adds value for customers and facilitates a better work environment for your team. Early Motion works with companies to design automated and semi-automated systems that let machines do the boring tasks so you are free to create new products, innovate on old products and solve more intelligent problems. BPA is the future and the future is now, Early Motion is ready to help take you there.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great products are useless unless your target audience knows about them. One of the most trusted and effective ways to promote content is through organic search engine rankings. Search engine marketing (SEM) through Ads and paid promotions work great, but nothing says legitimate like a top organic listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Early Motion has had great success in helping businesses move to the first page of organic search results. We work with companies to develop SEO content strategies that are relevant to your market and that effectively engage your audience. digital marketing durango co Digital Marketing (SEM, Adwords, Facebook Ads)

digital marketing durango co

Digital Marketing (SEM, Adwords, Facebook Ads)

Social Media Campaigns. Ad Creation and Dissemination. Marketing Automation. Landing Pages. There are so many channels and so much data to analyze. We help businesses create content. promote content, generate leads, and engage with customers. Our data services provide the analytics to help businesses understand the market, design new products, create and optimize marketing campaigns, and effectively utilize key performance metrics.

Web Design & Social Media Marketing
Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing
Business Process Engineering

We Build Solutions For Your Everyday Problems

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our Collaborative Process Produces Results


Every project starts with a discovery session where we explore the clients needs, budget and define the scope of the work.


After we understand the scope of your project we begin to plan out the content needed, map information hierarchy, define functional requirements, and create a schedule of deliverables.


This involves a cycle of design and creation followed by review and revision. This is where we cycle through mock-ups and interactive elements until we get it right.


After the project is finished, we find testers to review the site and give us design and interactivity feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Then we change it.


Once the testing and revisions have been completed we find a good home to host the site, install analytics and introduce it to the world!

digital marketing durango co

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